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Two clicks instead of one - but still VERY helpful

The other review on her had me worried a bit so I wanted to write a review as well. I agree that there's no need for the drop down on the icon (loses one star there), although that may be the reality of coding a system icon, but it's just one extra click to minimize everything all the way. It's not just like the four finger gesture that hides stuff but the minute you bring something back all windows are back - this is more like the windows functionality where truly every open window has been minimized and now you can get just one window back up and not have the 17 other windows open in the background (if you're me). Nice work - thanks!

Need to be 1-click

Would be GREAT if it minimized the windows/apps just by clicking on the icon. There's no need to have the drop down bar - that makes it the same amount of work as manually minimizing.


Really dislike the drop down menu after clicking the icon, it should minimize all right after the click.

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